Saturday, June 25, 2016

Feed the Monster

Back in 2005 I bought my first car. Ford Ikon. At the time, it was one of the aspirational cars. It never however suited me. A month into the car, I had an accident. And after that I continued to bang it multiple times till 2006 when I moved to the US. I decided to send that car to Bhopal to my parents. There it stayed till May-16.
I have two parkings at my residence apt. One, I had bought, the other, I am alloted by my society. After my return from Abu Dhabi, I had no cars and someone from the committee suggested that I get the cars or my parking will be alloted to someone else.
I bought a Celerio for my wife and asked my parents to send over the old war horse to be parked here.
Ever since the Ikon returned, its been a bottomless pit. Its resale value is just about 35K. But so far I've already spent 45K on its upkeep. That's 1 month and 1K kilometres. Initially, I spent 26K for denting, painting and basic repairs. Within a couple of weeks its AC broke again and so did the locking system. Spent another 2K to fix these.
Another 2 weeks and its coolant pipe burst. The mechanic asked me to keep driving it slowly and stop when it got hot. I tried but the temperature gauge was also busted and thus the gasket blew up and the car stopped. Another 10K gone. Then the battery, another 4K. Overall, for a car worth 35K I've already spent 45K and I'm to change the tyres. Its just a bottomless pit and I'm fucked up!

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