Monday, April 04, 2016

Uber Experience Mumbai

Its been a couple of weeks I've landed in Mumbai. I started work on the 28th March. Once I checked in the hotel with my family, I asked the reception if they could arrange a cab for me to travel to office? Please use Ola or Uber Sir, pat came the answer.
So I downloaded both Ola and Uber apps and tried my luck the next day. To my surprise, pleasantly, I got an Uber Cab the next day at 8:00 am. The guy was at the hotel gate based on my published location and he called me once he reached. I was impressed. I did not have PAYTM wallet and so decided to pay cash. It was fine. The car looked and smelled good. The ride was comfortable and it cost me some 380 bucks. Not Bad I thought.

Since then, I've made a habit of trying to ride for Uber Cabs everyday. An in about 15 rides or so, I've had quite an experience. Both good and bad. One car was smelly, so I rated him 3. Uber asked for feedback and I provided. Another one was when the driver got lost and could not find me even after my giving him explicit directions over phone. I was pissed when Uber dinged me 60 bucks for cancelling.

Last weekend I moved to my home in Mulund and suddenly all the Uber cabs vanished from the radar. Today morning I got a promotional code from Paytm saying I could save upto 25% of the ride cost if I paid through Paytm. I tried searching for Cabs in Mulund and WTF, Uber informed me that to ride the cab I need to pay 3 times the cost. Hell! I decided to take a rick than be held to ransom.

I was wondering if I can live without a car. Only on services like Uber and Ola, but given their whims, I think having a car is far more reliable than letting them screw you at will. So, I'm now scouting for a new car....