Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recovering from Flu

I get cough and cold every 3 months but it seldom gets in the way of my daily life. Ever since I've started green tea the frequency and severity of these bouts has reduced significantly. This time however it's hit me hard. It's the 4th day and fever has relentlessly beaten me down. I've finally decided to visit a local practitioner. Dr. Allan Costillo, a true gentleman and an effective doc. I'm sitting at his clinic with about a dozen other patients from all walks of life. Essentially he is a poor man's doctor. He has been around it seems for centuries. He has seen generations grow up in front of him. 6 years ago when I first visited him he used to charge Rs. 40 per visit. It's gone upto 60 now. He always embellishes his proscriptions with multi colored supplements. No one really knows what they really are. They go by their color. Blue one twice a day, orange one once at night and so on. He drives a canary yellow zen since I first visited him and still does. That's how you know that the doc is in. He has renovated his clinic and it looks quite nice. The old world charm has given way to modernity. God Bless him and his patients! Amin!