Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Good Run!

I've written about my improved performance (running) since I landed here. It's difficult to believe and tempting to think that I've actually improved. Especially after 2 years of decline, I could turn things around. Perhaps it's the miscalibrstion of the treadmill or perhaps it's a friendly gradient of the belt or both. But the truth is that for the first time in my life I ran 8 Km on the trot in 40 min. The best ever in India was 5 km in 25 min. Sometime in apr, I had run 7 km in 35 min at the Sheraton. I've done a few 6 km in 30 in between. All pointing in the same direction. Let's hope this reflects positively on my on road performance. I intend to start my corniche runs again in October. Hope, they are good. 

Btw I looked up Dubai marathon. It wierd that there is no 21!kms category. It's either 42 kms or 10. No half marathon.  That's wierd. Hence I probably will be running Mumbai in 2015 also. Hope I make it count. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Month 108

The month gone by had its challenges. The new CIO has taken charge at the bank. He brings his own ideas to the table. I'm hearing about an impending reorg. Having come here for just 3 months, I'm a little un-nerved by this. It seems my portfolio will move directly under him. This can be both good and bad. On one had where it gives me an opty to catch his attention, I'm also opening my self to scrutiny. With my current boss, I knew he had brought me here and so I enjoy a level of comfort. That comfort does not exist with the new boss. Lets see how things turn out.

My wife's experience at the bank back in India has not changed much. Though she has a new boss, the super boss remains the same. That is a challenge. If things remain this way and her new boss does not show spine to stand up to the super boss, the stress levels will stay high. 

My daughter was ranked 7th in the english olympiad, in her school. She was happy and I was happy for her. As a person, she is not a high achiever. These are small trophies we'll all cherish as she grows. 

I'm having my second round of sore throat and running nose. While these are minor ailments, these are the times you miss family the most. Holed up in the house, I'm cooking, cleaning and tending to self. The good thing is I do not have high fever. That would have made things worse. 

I started off once again with my 1000 year project of creating an workflow engine. I had the energy for a day or two. Its back to square one now. 

The temperature here has soared. I bathe in sweat, within 3 min of walking into the sun. This heat has caused this cold and sore throat. The entire summer is ahead of me. Dunno how to survive this. Back during the time I was holed up in my house in Virginia, I used to wonder, between extreme cold and heat, I'd prefer the heat any day. At least I see the sun. I'm not very sure now that I'm walking in 44 degrees direct heat.