Monday, August 03, 2015

Apple Music

The moment the offer came I lapped it. For Rs 120 a month, it's a steal. I'm feasting over songs, country, rock and everything in between. 
The Hindi collection is not well tagged. I hope Apple gets a few good curists to get this library in shape. It's as rich as the English and I hope finding stuff gets a little easier. 

Mumbai Marathon

Mumbai marathon registrations are on and I'm not participating. It's sad. Really. I never hit the timing and now that my family is here, I won't be visiting Mumbai for the marathon. I plan to register for Abu Dhabi striders half marathon to be held in November. But I'll miss Mumbai and the run. 

Treadmill at home

Kind of insane. Back in April, we moved into a larger house. It's a duplex. Lot of empty space. We are searching for things to fill it up with. One such contraption is the treadmill. I bought it back in May and have hopped on it a few times since. It's true luxury to have a treadmill at home. Don't have to walk across to the gym in this unforgiving heat. And yet the slack will winnth. Have been off it for almost an entire month, putting on weight. Have got back on it. 20 kms a week. That's a promise. Hope that gets in back in shape by nov. 

Months 100-93

Some time has passed by. My family has joined me here in Abu Dhabi. My daughter has started school. The personal aspects of life better. The cliche "if you love something, set it free...." Well I'm happy it's back with me. 
The work is just as bad as it was. Not much change there. 
I just hit a couple of milestones in my 120 month journey. Happy about that. Still a long way to go.