Saturday, June 23, 2007

In defense of Nirmal Lifestyle

I was used to my Lokhandwala life style and loved it till it all ended happily(I got married) and started thinking of owning a place. With my meagre means and leftover savings from my party happy bachelor days I really could not claim ownership to anything more than 1000 sq ft of pre owned super built up space in that neighbourhood.

So finally, we started looking for more affordable pastures and one of those soujourns brought me to Mulund. Despite of all the misgivings about Mulund being a sleepy un-happening, unexciting place (and that reflected in the prices) I took instant liking to it. It happened because I saw Shoppers Stop coming up in a vast tract of land, quite unlike typical Mumbai. Nirmal Lifestyle and its ambitious plans made my decision for me.

Honestly, though they have taken time to deliver on their promise, the final result is quite pleasing. Shoprite is its mainstay. It attracts ppl from as far as powai. Crossword appeals to the bookworm in me and I sneak in every now and then to smell the latest paperback. Then there is Shopper Stop, Mac D and usual bouquet of retails found at almost every mall in Mumbai. Since PVR opened, watching movies is about walking down and across from our place after dinner and strolling in to the theatre in my pyjamas for the late night show. Gone were the days when we used to catch a local to town to watch the late night show at Sterling. At the end of the show (around 1:00 am) there used to be a mad rush to catch the last local from church gate.

Though I agree that Mulund is no match for Lokhandwala and its high life, its a cosy little nest near the oasis (NLS) that appeals to my current personal status (married with a kid) :)