Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Its NY All Over Again

Its been almost a year, I visited NY. The feeling is uncannily the same. Foreboding, glum, cloudy and unsettling.

The earlier account I wrote about last year, actually did finally shut down. Along the way it left my position in the org vulnerable. This time its a different account. I'm just moving in. But the business is shrinking. Its not because of me (Is it?). I'm just moving in now. The client has decided to insource work and reduce contractors. As we play in that space, we're hurting.

Coming here, meeting the customers, listening to them break the news over and over. There are several stakeholders and all are in the same boat.

Know what? I need a change. A new beginning. In a new place. The question is how desperate can I get? And desperation is the key to effort. Effort to move out. To get out of this morass and turn over a new leaf.

Visiting NY is like a reminder that I'm stale and decaying. Nothing against the City. Its Fate!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Post #29 AWS Upgrade

So AWS has been sending me notifications to associate a profile to my instance or some of the logging features would go off later this month.

Finally, I bit the bullet and went through the workflow. It was pretty straight forward. But honestly, I was least prepared for what happened next.

The moment I associated the profile, the current instance got terminated and another instance came up in its place. But the site, went down :(. I wasn't prepared for it and did not know how to respond. So I went through the process of deploying the latest build on the new instance (Beanstalk).

Fortunately that worked and the site came up after deployment. But that was not all. I had to reconfigure the Putty and also the GZIP all over again to get it back to where it was.

So now I'm back to baseline. An interesting day!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Post #28 Bootstrap and AngularJs

Learning to use Bootstrap and AngularJs. Alternative to Ext.js. Ext js has both put in together. It abstracts out the HTML and the CSS completely. AngularJs is like MVC brought to the browser. There are JSP like tags in HTML, Controller, Module, Route, Directives, Models et all. Essentially get everything over to the client. Let the server just provide the data.

I bought license to Webstorm IDE. $50. But a good investment if one really uses it well. I'm not a pro so no ROI for me. But a great productivity tool. I've been using Editplus and with my sloppy habits, debugging Sencha breaks was a real mess.

Though I'm not sure if what usecase I should implement. Budgetometer has gone as far as it could. I could re-write it, but that's no fun.What more can I create. That is of value to me. May be perhaps I can start tracking savings and investments.Chart the cash flows. That may be useful.

Am thinking about it.

Month 116

Falling Short.
I'm consistently falling short of her expectations. That's leading to frustration at both ends. Either the bar is lowered or the whippings will continue.
Nothing is ever overlooked or forgotten. It gets piled up until it bursts and then it gets ugly.
She is the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner...
Where are we headed!