Saturday, August 16, 2014

Month 107 106

Jun and Jul were hectic. My first project went live. Some kind of relief. Though I won't feel till all aspects of it are working fine. 
Went to Mumbai twice. In Jun and then again in July. Staying away has created a closeness I had not felt in a long time. Her job circumstances have not improved. She's seriously pondering coming over, which is good. Sometimes your boss' boss can have more impact in your life than the boss herself. She is realizing it now. Also, there is another job opty that has come up. Though it's not confirmed yet, it may cause changes in plan. Still fluid still uncertain. 
I'm so much in work that I'm not able to gym properly. For the entire work week I just can't make it to the gym. Over the weekend I try and make up for it but just 2 days a week is not good enough. 
There are serious challenges at the work place. The entire environment is broken. Don't know how will I be able to manage it. My new role as the pmo is posing significant challenge. Also, there is pressure to recruit PMs. The new CIO wants diversity and in IT in this region it's hard to get. 
Did I mention I'm liking my cooking. Despite some screwups I was able to prepare edible stuff that I then enjoy eating for the rest of the week.