Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Forgot

I did achieve the milestone I was hoping for. Way back in 2009 when I stared the weight loss exercises that then became a penchant for running I had hoped some day, I'd cover 21 kms(Half Marathon) in less than 2 hours. After 2 years of setting that aim(almost a wishful thinking), I finally did  it last Sunday. 01:58:30. It was on the treadmill. I have given up running on roads. as my knees hurt. But what the heck. I did finish it with more than a minute to spare.Now will I be able to repeat it in Mumbai Marathon????

2012 as I see it

Here are a few predictions for 2012. Its good to have it this way. I can check in a year to see how it went.

I feel 
- By end of Dec 2012 inflation will be less than 3%. 
- The RBI would cut the rate ferociously to stimulate dismal, dismal growth.
- Rupee will remain weak. This could have stoked inflation but its already so low its unlikely to impact inflation much. It could touch 58-60.
- Our BOP situation would remain scary
- Stock market will remain weak. It might crash to 12000 or less as Euro will collapse.
- Euro will fail. Whatever the politicians do, they can't resolve Euro. Its gotta go
- India will win a few medals at London 
- Sachin will score his 100 of 100.
- I will finish half marathon in less than 2 hours. Or will I ;-)
- I'll host expense analyzer on the web. 
- Property prices will correct. I mean go down