Saturday, February 20, 2010

India's gift to the US

Obama seems to be intimidated by India and its ability to produce scientists and engineers. What he does not know yet is that hundreds of thousands of engineers and scientists are being tutored in Indian schools, paid for by their parents who will start coming to US in the next 15 years to bolster their Intellectual Pool.

There is a mania amongst Indians IT professionals to have their kids born in the US so that they can be US citizens. All these H1-B and L1 engineers may not get GC and may return to India after a few years in the US. However, they all return with toddlers who are US citizens. These kids are given best possible education in India and will be packed off to US as soon as they complete college.

This new breed of US citizens being brought up in India will fill the deficit of engineers and doctors in the US. It could get any better. These kids do not live off the public education system, do not use up tax dollars while growing up. They come back as fully developed and productive members of the work force.

This is kind of surreal. But unknowingly US is safeguarding its future by providing citizenship to all born in the country.