Saturday, June 17, 2017

Keep Dreaming Boy!

8 years on... fueled by Deep Purple!
I really wasn't planning on it. When I woke up, I thought I'd do a 16K to cover 20+K for the week. I had run just once this week and was keen to round it off with a 16K run. But then I got delayed getting on to the treadmill and decided to cut it off to 12K.

All these years, doing 12K in an hour was just a wish, like wouldn't it be something to cherish, if only I could. Over these years I've done 11.2K in an hour in the best of times. The most I had run at 12K speed was 5K and was proud of it.

Back in 2014 when I went to Abu Dhabi was the first time I could push it to 7K and then to 8K @12K an hour 5min per km.

But over the last six months, its been happenning. I first closed in with a 8K run and then with a 10K and recently I clocked 11.85K in an hour.

Today is special. Its 12K with 1:20 min to spare. I'm proud. I'm satisfied. I'm home...
There is 1 more hill to climb... We'll see about it...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

AWS Ins and Outs

I'm not an AWS expert and surely it hurt my billing for more than a year. So, sometime in 2015, my AWS platform became outdated and I was forced to upgrade. It was a pain and I might have taken a few wrong turns. As a result after reconfiguring, my billing went up significantly (25%). I was simple unable to figure out how.

I finally got around to fixing it last month and saved $30 a month. Now, that's what I call a King's ransom ;) 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

12 Kms In a little over an hour

Thus far my best 1 hr performance.
In march I had my annual check up only to discover my vitamin D was barely 8. I had aches and pains in my joints. My fingers pained when I woke up and my legs pained after each run.
I never thought much of it. I had a feeling that my Vit D was low but wow! 8 is bad.
And so I took a couple of Vit D strips. I also made it a point to swim at 12 noon for 30 min over weekends spending good time under the sun.
Within a month or so, the pain is gone and I'm hitting my strides. I'm also taking Calcium tablets and Vit B12 capsules.
The results are pleasant. I never thought I could do this distance in this time. It's my dream to do 12 kms in 1 hr. As the treadmill clock measures time in minutes post 60 min mark, what it shows is slightly misleading. But overall, I know I perhaps did this distance in 1:00:40 or so.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

10 KM 50 min

Just for records

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Feed the Monster

Back in 2005 I bought my first car. Ford Ikon. At the time, it was one of the aspirational cars. It never however suited me. A month into the car, I had an accident. And after that I continued to bang it multiple times till 2006 when I moved to the US. I decided to send that car to Bhopal to my parents. There it stayed till May-16.
I have two parkings at my residence apt. One, I had bought, the other, I am alloted by my society. After my return from Abu Dhabi, I had no cars and someone from the committee suggested that I get the cars or my parking will be alloted to someone else.
I bought a Celerio for my wife and asked my parents to send over the old war horse to be parked here.
Ever since the Ikon returned, its been a bottomless pit. Its resale value is just about 35K. But so far I've already spent 45K on its upkeep. That's 1 month and 1K kilometres. Initially, I spent 26K for denting, painting and basic repairs. Within a couple of weeks its AC broke again and so did the locking system. Spent another 2K to fix these.
Another 2 weeks and its coolant pipe burst. The mechanic asked me to keep driving it slowly and stop when it got hot. I tried but the temperature gauge was also busted and thus the gasket blew up and the car stopped. Another 10K gone. Then the battery, another 4K. Overall, for a car worth 35K I've already spent 45K and I'm to change the tyres. Its just a bottomless pit and I'm fucked up!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


I've been a big fan. I have even posted some flattering content about IRCTC else where in my blog. 
But this is the third time they have blocked my account. 
They do it for no apparent reason. I've had no fraudulent transactions, no failed payments or agent like behavior. Yet they have blocked me, not once but thrice. 
When I re-registered I could not use my mobile or email. 
The last time I called them about it they actually blamed me of fruad. But largely were clueless about the actual reasons. 

Bad bad unacceptable behaviour. 

Monday, April 04, 2016

Uber Experience Mumbai

Its been a couple of weeks I've landed in Mumbai. I started work on the 28th March. Once I checked in the hotel with my family, I asked the reception if they could arrange a cab for me to travel to office? Please use Ola or Uber Sir, pat came the answer.
So I downloaded both Ola and Uber apps and tried my luck the next day. To my surprise, pleasantly, I got an Uber Cab the next day at 8:00 am. The guy was at the hotel gate based on my published location and he called me once he reached. I was impressed. I did not have PAYTM wallet and so decided to pay cash. It was fine. The car looked and smelled good. The ride was comfortable and it cost me some 380 bucks. Not Bad I thought.

Since then, I've made a habit of trying to ride for Uber Cabs everyday. An in about 15 rides or so, I've had quite an experience. Both good and bad. One car was smelly, so I rated him 3. Uber asked for feedback and I provided. Another one was when the driver got lost and could not find me even after my giving him explicit directions over phone. I was pissed when Uber dinged me 60 bucks for cancelling.

Last weekend I moved to my home in Mulund and suddenly all the Uber cabs vanished from the radar. Today morning I got a promotional code from Paytm saying I could save upto 25% of the ride cost if I paid through Paytm. I tried searching for Cabs in Mulund and WTF, Uber informed me that to ride the cab I need to pay 3 times the cost. Hell! I decided to take a rick than be held to ransom.

I was wondering if I can live without a car. Only on services like Uber and Ola, but given their whims, I think having a car is far more reliable than letting them screw you at will. So, I'm now scouting for a new car....